I am a lifelong geek who builds and teaches about app development in my free time.  I contribute to open source projects as well on Github, and am a frequent speaker at Code Camps and developer events.

I work for Microsoft (located in Redmond, WA), and teach at an after hours app club.  I enjoy working with other developers who are building passion projects.

I have been building software professionally for about 20 years.  I have worked on multiple engineering team inside Microsoft, and had my own companies prior to joining in 2010.

I started learning programming to make games on my Commodore 64!  Since then I have built shareware, bbs door, and a few commercial AAA game titles.  These days I build and teach mobile development as a hobby.

I am working on a series of game deconstructions on YouTube if you want to watch.

I have also been very active on Stack Overflow over the years. It is an amazing community to ask and answer questions.  See Jason Short Profile on Stack Overflow.
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