Discolor Rebounder – indie game with a dual mechanic

Discolor Rebounder is an indie game that has a nice core mechanic.  You are partly doing color matching, and partly a ball bouncer.  It is the mix of two that becomes more hectic and harder than you think.

Game Play Video

Achievements Galore

The breadth of achievements is impressive.  Players love to have something to shoot for, and giving them that many is really nice.  Should be surfaced more in the game though.  If you have that many, maybe show the next one the user might accomplish right on the home screen.

Missing Return Trigger

There is no reason for a player to return to the game once they leave.  There is no energy mechanic, no daily achievement, etc.


I think the addition of some power ups, and a reason for the user to watch rewarded videos would go a long ways to resolving the monetization issues.

Players should have a reason to opt in to watching ads.  Never just throw them up and make them watch.  They will skip or exit your game.

Jumpets uses a dance move mechanic

Jumpets (iOS Version reviewed) is a creative indie game built around a core mechanic like dance moves.  Swipe your way to getting pets to jump higher and higher.  Easy for kids to jump right in and enjoy too.

Dance move mechanics

I like the idea of this a lot.  Using a simple swipe mechanic in the game that is easily familiar to almost anyone makes the game really easy to pick up and play.

No session mechanism

One thing that I forgot to mention in the video is that there is no sessioning mechanism in the game.  This may lead to a player binge playing for hours and then never coming back.  And since there are no return triggers you don’t know when a player would return.

The game is mostly targeted for kids though (I think), and so they tend to obsess over a game for a period of time and then totally stop playing.

Fun game, try it

I will say this is a fun little game that I enjoyed.  Give it a try.