Charming Runes is a very polished block breaker

Charming Runes by Mighty Games is a very well polished implementation of what I am calling the Block Breaker Genre.  They are all very similar clones of each other, but this one is unique.    If you have played Ballz or BB-TAN you should check this one out as well.

Polish makes the difference

All of these games have a similar mechanic.  Throw something at blocks and break them.  Acquire most of the something to throw, and go up in levels while the blocks come down after every round.

Charming Runes has power ups, and a score system that adds excitement through multipliers and rewards for making longer lasting shots. Add in their achievement mechanic, and this the best of this genre that I have seen.

Energy Mechanic too stingy

My one complaint is that the energy mechanic is too stingy.  I really like games that have a 5-15 minute session length.  But if the player has NOTHING to do when they run out of energy other than pay you money, that feels like a stingy paywall.  The player will leave and go elsewhere.

Ads not all rewarded video

The other negative to me is that the game will throw up a video add after sessions where you watched an ad for a reward.  You might have gotten a second chance to continue for an ad.  Then they interrupt your game with an ad for no reward.  That feels like a session breaker to me.  I have no more turns and you just made me watch an ad?  Bye Bye

Selling Premium – without being too pushy

Charming Runes sells you without being pushyThis is an area they did really well.  The pushing of power ups and rewards doesn’t feel like spam.  It is well integrated into the end of a game loop.  I felt like I would consider them, but didn’t have to use them.  Until you run out of energy of course.  20 minutes to regain one heart and then trying to sell them for $4.99 felt steep to me.  Even at $0.99 for a single 15-20 game session feels way to steep.  I always feel you need to make players think they are only paying a few dollars an HOUR for premium add ons.  Anything more feels expensive.