Please take a look at my course entitled Design tips for Free-to-play Games.

How to keep players returning to your freemium game

This course is designed for developers or game designers working on mobile games. You might be an indie game developer, or part of a professional AAA game team. All that you need is a desire to make your game better, and understand what makes your players return to the game over and over.

We are not going to go into any specific technology or game programming. This is a design course!

We will cover the following topics:

  • Player Types and what they want
  • Reward Systems
  • Core Game Loop, Wait Loop and Grind Loop
  • How to Keep Players Returning
  • Triggers – Return, Social, Events
  • Example Games with deconstructions on why they work (or don’t!)
  • Premium currency
  • What should you sell using IAP?
  • How to earn that first purchase from the player

f2p game design tips course

Game Deconstructions:

  • Idle Heroes
  • Tap Titans 2
  • Spaceship Battles
  • Scale
  • and more depending upon student feedback

Click here:  Design tips for Free-to-play Games