Kami 2 is a puzzle game with a simple concept

Kami 2 is a puzzle game with a simple concept. You are presented with a colorful pattern, and your goal is to make the entire screen a single, solid color in a set number of moves. You can select any color used in the pattern and tap a section to change it to that color.

Although it starts out easy, the puzzles become increasingly complex, with many different colors and complicated patterns. It becomes a strategic challenge to determine which sections to change, in what order, to reach your goal before you run out of moves.

This is where Kami 2’s primary in-app purchases come into play. If you’re stuck, the game encourages you to use a hint to see what the first correct move is. However, it only gives you one free hint. If you want more, you’ll need to purchase them. This gives the game an unusual balance where it can be played entirely for free but will tempt players to buy hints as the puzzles become more challenging.

No Undo

The game’s biggest flaw is that there’s no way to undo a single move. If you make a mistake, you have to reset the puzzle from the beginning, which can be quite frustrating for puzzles that take many moves to solve.

Kami 2 has several gameplay modes, although the basic gameplay remains the same across all of them. The main mode, Journey, can be played offline. It includes over 100 puzzles, divided into sets of six. As you complete each set, the next unlocks. Some also give you special rewards, such as additional colors to use when making your own puzzles.

Community Content means never run out of puzzles

The remaining modes require you to take Kami 2 online. In Build Mode, you can create and test your own puzzles using an easy, intuitive interface, and then publish them for other players to try. Special color palettes can also be purchased.

In Explore Mode, you can browse player-created puzzles, save your favorites, follow specific puzzle creators, and search for other players. Challenge Mode presents you with a series of player-created puzzles and tasks you with completing several in a row to build up a streak, while Daily gives you a new player-created puzzle to try each day. These additional modes make sure you won’t run out of challenges even if you complete all of the pre-made puzzles.


Beautiful Puzzler

No matter which mode you play, Kami 2’s beautiful paper aesthetic makes the game a relaxing experience, even when it stumps you with a tricky puzzle. The ability to undo moves would be nice, but it’s still a game puzzle fans should look into.


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