I am actively working on a new course (which will be on Udemy) about how to use C# / LINQ if you are a Game Developer.

I was at a game jam a few weekends ago, and was trying to help some developers on their project.  They were using Unity, but none of them were very good at C#.  I showed them some quick ways to write queries in LINQ that blew their mind and saved them over a hundred lines of really clunky code that was going to be hard to maintain.

LINQ all the things!

Is LINQ always the right answer?  No.  There are definately some things you should NOT do in a game with LINQ.  But I have collected about a dozen or so LINQ patterns that I think every C# Game Developer should know.

Not talking about database access

These tips have nothing to do with database access, or using Entity Framework.  I do not recommend you do that from within your game.  You should be talking to a REST endpoint on a server somewhere to get high scores or leaderboards.  You might use Entity Framework behind that REST endpoint, but that will not be in the course.  This course is just for using LINQ in the game.  Your game engine doesn’t have to be Unity, but it does have to be C# based.

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