One More Brick adds more complex game design to this genre

One More Brick was suggested to me by a YouTube viewer.  I have quite a collection of these almost by accident.  I am starting to think this series will be a good example of game design progression within a genre.


This game really impressed me for the polish and attention to detail across the board. 

The power-ups and randomizer in the game are really well done.  Watch the video for my full breakdown.


Clear the level?  Get a checkpoint

This is honestly the coolest feature.  I have said it in multiple reviews of these games.  When a player clears the entire screen, give them a payoff!  It is hard to do, and should be a big deal.

One More Brick does this really well.  They give you a checkpoint in the game.  Your next play will start at that level!  How cool is that?  Once you have started at that level the checkpoint is cleared, but this is a HUGE encouragement for the player to try to clear the level.