Tiny Tower–The perfect f2p casual game?

TinyTower by NimbleBit is a fantastic example of a well designed free 2 play title.  There is a lot for casual game players to really love in this game, and it is layered so encourage play within the app for hours outside the core game loop.

Essential Game With Reason

This game is listed as an essential game by Apple with good reason.  It really is that good.  Disney licensed it to make Tiny Death Star, and there is a Vegas version now as well.  This is a great game for just about anyone, even kids learning about strategy and business.  There are a lot of good lessons here for game developers and game designers as well.

Additional Links

Iam Marsh on user research and play-test with F2P

TinyTower made over $3 million in first year

BBTAN after 30 Minutes – What happens? What should happen? So What?

I did a game review of a game BBTAN, by 111%.  As a part of my after hours group I also present games and deconstruct them to discuss what they did right and wrong.

This game has a timer on the screen that counts down from 30 mins.  I got a lot of people in the room asking, What happens after 30 minutes?  Do you win?  Is the game over?

Watch the video below to see what actually happens.


[Spoilers Below]








So what do you think?  Was it a masterful troll job by the developer?

Or a brilliant technique to make people find what happens?

Post comments on the YouTube Video.


Free 2 Play Game Deconstruction Series on YouTube

I started a game deconstruction series on YouTube where I break down Free 2 Play titles.



So far I have only done a few games.  Idle Heroes, BBTAN, Scale, and Ballz.  But I will add more over time.

The purpose is to look at the game from a game design / mechanic standpoint.  What works, and what doesn’t?  Lots of games are missing some small tweaks that could have a big impact on player engagement.


More coming soon

I am moving my blog, resetting my twitter to match, and lots of other social media changes for me.

I have used the @InfiniteCodex and InfiniteCodex.com for the past 7+ years.  The mission of both of them has changed quite a bit over that time.  I decided that now is the time to reboot my social media self for a specific purpose.  This site will be about the indie games that I create, and the presentations I do around Indie Gaming in general.  Could also slip in some game analysis and other things that I find interesting.

Gaming is a hobby for me.  I did used to be a commercial professional game developer.  Back in 1996 I was the lead developer for HeliCOPS, and a number of smaller games published here in the US and Japan.  I don’t do that style of games anymore (big budget, big risk).  Now I teach people how to make games at Code Camps and at the Microsoft Garage after hours.  And I build little games for myself as a hobby.  No aspirations to get back to the full time game gig.  This is a pure fun thing for me.  I like to write code, and I like games.  I will explore what those two things mean in this blog over time.