Seattle Code Camp and PAX Dev

I will be speaking at Seattle Code Camp again this year! Sep 9, 2017 is the date.

The location is Seattle University, 901 12th Ave, Seattle WA 98122.  If you have not been to Seattle U before, it is a very nice campus very near downtown.

I am doing a session “Level up your game design skills”.  It is a condensed one hour version of some of the parts of my much larger Udemy course on Free to Play game design.

Go to Code Camps!

If you have never been to a code camp, I highly encourage you to do so (even if you don’t live near this one).

Code Camps are a great way to network with local developers who are probably in a similar situation to yours.  They are looking for guidance, and people to network with too!  Even if you are a super introvert you can find classes on topics you probably will be interested in.  You don’t have to stand up and introduce yourself, or anything like that.

Pax Dev Seattle

There is also a GREAT event Aug 29-30 in Seattle called PAX DEV.  This is part of the PAX game conference, but it is a pre-day for developers.

I am a judge this year for the indie games events.  Should be SUPER fun, and I look forward to seeing many of you there!