The videos that I post here on the blog are hosted on YouTube under a channel named Short Game Thoughts.

What is the Short Game Thoughts YouTube Channel about?

The videos are my game design thoughts though example games. Some of these videos are design critiques, some are about currency or game balance, and some are about monetization.

I teach game design, and build lots of games myself. I have been building games since the mid 80s. I don’t just play games, I study them.
I try to imagine what design decisions I would have made differently. I have published games to all the current app stores, and love to experiment with different mechanics in games.
I do talks at Code Camps about game design, mostly for mobile devices.

What is a Game Deconstruction?

To me, a game deconstruction is taking a look at a game through the lens of how it was built.  You could do it for the engine, the graphics, sounds, really any aspect of the game.
But I am looking for the engagement and core game design.  How does the game keep players interested?  How do they get people to return?  If you can make a fun game that gets people to return you have a winning formula.

Only Free 2 Play games?

Absolutely not.  That is just where I am starting because I am working on a series of talks that will turn into a course on Udemy about Free 2 Play game design.  So it was just natural to build the channel to serve those students first.  I will expand to other game types later.