Spaceship Battles–simple PVP with AI controlled space ships

I have been playing this game for several months off and on.  I was looking for a construction game that I could explore and this fit the need.  It doesn’t have a huge play time requirement.  Your main core game loop can be completed within 5 mins.  But the builder aspect of configuring the ships, and changing out components can keep you in the game for an hour if you want.  For someone who spends a lot of time in airports and sitting in Ubers this has been a great quick session game for me on the go.

Research Tree

This was how I originally found the game.  I was looking at research trees in F2P games and this was recommended at a game jam as a system that looked easy to implement, and had good depth.  I agree.

Watch the video to see what I mean.


Easy to pickup, layered complexity

This has several great free to play elements in it, but perhaps the best is the come for a minute and stay as long as you like.  The ships are simple, the space to build them out is simple, and the PVP is simple.  All aspects of the game are easy to get into, and quick to get up and playing.

You can go much deeper in trying to optimize builds, and figuring out which ship performs well in each bracket.  That extra depth adds just enough to keep you coming back for more.