Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes – Game Design Quick Review

This is a great, huge, complex game.  Way bigger than you think when first starting out.  If you are a Star Wars fan you will geek out for about the first month you play this game.  It has characters to collect, and power up.  Fights for the Light Side, and the Dark Side.  Plenty of things to collect to power up your characters (armor, boosts, etc).  And that is where the problem starts.

There is honestly too much to do.  You can spend 30+ minutes in this game every day just trying to knock out the daily mission list.  Then if you join a guild (and you should), expect more raids for the team and helping each other out.  This starts to feel like an MMO style treadmill after a while.

Pay to Win downfall?

The real downfall for me was the constant (I mean as in 10 times a day sometimes) bombardment of ads to buy something.  They have premium skills and characters you can spend tons of money on.  If the rumors are to be believed this game has made close to $1 billion across all platforms since launch.  The pay to win aspect, and the constant buy this limited time character or power, and then this one, then this one just really wears on you after a while.

Still a great AAA game title that is really free to play, as long as you don’t want to get competitive or win PVP very often.