My Udemy course is now live

If you have an interest in Free to play game design you might want to look at my online Udemy course.


  • 37 Lectures
  • Almost 4 Hours of content
  • Player Types and what they want
  • Reward Systems
  • Core Game Loop, Wait Loop, Grind Loop
  • How to keep players returning with triggers
  • What should you sell using IAP?
  • Game Deconstructions
  • Design tips

I had a lot of fun making the course.  It is a combination of talks I have given at Code Camps and Game Jams, along with some new stuff just for the course.

Design Tips for Free-to-play Games

Jumpets uses a dance move mechanic

Jumpets (iOS Version reviewed) is a creative indie game built around a core mechanic like dance moves.  Swipe your way to getting pets to jump higher and higher.  Easy for kids to jump right in and enjoy too.

Dance move mechanics

I like the idea of this a lot.  Using a simple swipe mechanic in the game that is easily familiar to almost anyone makes the game really easy to pick up and play.

No session mechanism

One thing that I forgot to mention in the video is that there is no sessioning mechanism in the game.  This may lead to a player binge playing for hours and then never coming back.  And since there are no return triggers you don’t know when a player would return.

The game is mostly targeted for kids though (I think), and so they tend to obsess over a game for a period of time and then totally stop playing.

Fun game, try it

I will say this is a fun little game that I enjoyed.  Give it a try.